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Bathroom Styling

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, a little styling in this room can go a long way.

Keep it simple, less is always more in the bathroom as it is a functional space so if the items don’t serve a purpose remove it. Keep collections and nik naks to the living area.

Adding a tray to your vanity with the essentials like hand soap, a bristled brush, a small plant and arranging your items in odd numbers will be pleasing on the eye. Play around with the balance and the height of your items using shorter and taller pieces together.

Choose bathroom products with beautiful packaging for a cohesive look they will also have the added bonus of being practical. Keep the niche styling to a minimum you don’t want this area to look cluttered.

The towels you use will give nod to the high end feel and sophistication of your style. Choose something fluffy, soft and good quality.

A timber bath tray or stool will introduce a new texture and warm element into your bathroom and styling your beautiful soaps and a delicious smelling candle on top will finish off the look.

Styling your bathroom is just as much about form as it is function, so keep this in mind and how your family uses the space and you can’t go wrong!