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How To Design a Bathroom

How to design a Bathroom:

Creating a beautiful bathroom that works for you is making it work for you.  Do you need lots of storage? Do you have children?  Does everybody in the home get ready at the same time in the morning? Do you have the option for a laundry shute?

As with any great design coming up with a colour palette that you can live with is essential, maybe a splash of colour is making you feel bold and fearless but will you be able to live with it a year from now? Think long term with your colour choices.

Good Quality products that you use in your bathroom will win out every time, inferior products can break costing you more in the long. Purchasing quality vanities, shower screens, mirrors and toilet systems will save you money and heartache down the road and will ensure that you love your new bathroom for years to come.

If you know that this may not be your forever home and you may sell in the future, keep in mind the resale value of your house,  having a bathtub and a separate toilet are great for resale.

Last but most definitely not least, be picky about your trades this is the most important.

Having a beautiful expensive tile that isn’t being installed correctly or water proofing that isn’t being done correctly will leave you feeling deflated and ripped off costing you a lot to rectify and replace.  Getting in contact with a Builder in your area will help eliminate this kind of costly mistake, they will have good quality trades at their fingertips and they will do all the running around for you and deal with any issues that arise.

If your thinking of a bathroom renovation and need some professional advice, think about giving us a call!