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Butlers Pantry



A Butler's pantry used to be a luxury item, now it is one of the most requested features in a new build.
A brief history of the pantry, the word 'pantry' comes the old French term 'paneterie' which comes from 'pain' the French word for bread. Meats were stored in the larder, alcohol stored in the buttery and bread was stored in the pantry.

They sky is the limit when it comes to designing and building a Butler's pantry. Creating a space where the butler's pantry is pretty much a second kitchen. It really comes down to how you live your life and your budget. 

When considering designing a Butler's pantry storage and easy access is key, open shelving and lots of them. Before you start with the planning process with your Builder, think about what you will be storing in your pantry and how you will be using the space. For example if you will be storing wine in here your will need to think about custom shelving.

Bench space is important how much of will depend on how much space you have to work with. Keeping in mind a narrow Butler's pantry can be more time efficient  because your bending and twisting to grab everything.

Power points are essential and lots of them, being able to leave all your appliances plugged in means all your appliances are ready to go creating a really user friendly space.

Adding in a dish-drawer dishwasher makes the space practical for cleaning as you go.  Well designed task lighting is essential in a Butler's pantry, a combination of ceiling lights and LED strip lights under overhead shelves and in cupboards will mean your space is illuminated properly.

Whether your renovating or Building and you want to add in a Butler's pantry call in your Builder and Draftsman to help with the design.  You will need a professional eye to help with layout, they will be able to help with all your questions and create the best possible design for your kitchen and Butler's pantry with the only limitation being your budget and imagination!