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Elevating the Ensuite


The beauty of a well designed ensuite is that it will always value and resale to your home. It is a personal private area that is an extension of your master bedroom and is not likely going to be the bathroom that guests will use when visiting.

The space

Because it is just your space tailoring to your needs and how you will use the ensuite will be determined by your comings and goings. Some things to think about when choosing the design layout are will you and your partner be in the ensuite at the same getting ready for work or do you use the space separately?

Vanity choices

A double vanity maybe a consideration and a vanity that has plenty of storage for everyone is also essential. Design your ensuite with your lifestle in mind if your space has terrible storage and you have lots of ‘stuff’ then it will always feel cluttered and messy you will always be looking for somewhere to put things.

A side note is also to think of power points and where you will need to plug your appliances into.  I know that having a power point in your shaving cabinet to keep toothbrushes charged is by far the best descision you could make!

So much storage

Another thought on storage is where you will store towels, will you need added storage? Or is there a linen cupboard near by? For more space options a custom built shaving cabinet will allow for extra depth and height and won’t be so imposing on the room. The extra height gives more shelving and in turn more storage and the mirrored doors will give the illusion of more space and light.

A custom made shaving cabinet is an absolute must in my opinion. It is one of those things that will make the room go from a standard bathroom to a high end bathroom.


Lighting in ensuite is super important, the wrong lighting can make the space too dark and worse yet the wrong kind of light over your make up mirror can make it impossible to put your make up on properly as it will through all sorts of shadows. Depending on where you live a bathroom can feel like one of the coldest space in your home, looking into heat lights and underfloor heating will help warm up this space.

Shower space

A combination handheld and rain shower heads give couples both options being able to switch between the over head and the hand held shower provides the best of both worlds. Choosing a frameless shower screen will free up floor space as well as making the room look larger and less cluttered.

Picking Tile

Choosing a tile is such a fun part of the process there are literally hundreds of different options to choose from finding the right tile is a process so leave plenty of time for this and keep in mind the colour of the grout. A contrasting grout will hero the tile but a matching grout will create a seamless horizon. Using a larger format tile on the walls will draw the eye upwards and out.