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5 Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Natural light:

1. You really can't go past natural light, when you're building your new space thinking about window placement is key creating larger windows or full length windows to let natural light stream in and adding skylights in the ceiling in rooms where larger windows aren't an option.


2. Natural elements such as stone, wood and greenery, beautiful timber balustrades will warm up a space. A touch of nature in the way of a plant in a beautiful pot will give any room life and a nod to your taste in decor. Adding timber into your kitchen design or a beautiful stone tile in your bathroom renovation are great options for bringing natural elements into your build.

Colour Palette:

3. Create a colour palette that really resonates with you, this will be your space so picking colours that you love over what is on trend is a safer bet. If you are unsure with colour then go with a neutral colour palette of soothing soft greens, putty tones, warmer whites and greys will give your place a level of sophistication. Using the same colour on the ceiling and walls will give the space a continuous open feel if that is the vibe you are going for.


4. When you are in the design phase of your build your lighting plan is so important determining what the space is used for will help with light placement.  There are four types of lighting to keep in mind ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. Strategically placed down lights will give perfectly placed light and it gives your place a sleek cohesive look. .

Exterior Design:

5. Determine what kind of exterior design ideas you are drawn to, whether you are a traditionalist, trendsetter or minimalist.  A well presented exterior that can be constructed from or clad in an enormous variety of materials with lush green manicured lawns, will give great street appeal, creating a beautiful exterior space will give your home completion and sophistication.